Friday, 9 December 2016

Inspections and house renovations - an update

So, our 2 years is almost up. We're due for our re-inspection on the land to obtain the elusive permanent certificate of professional farming (or whatever it's called - I've never seen one). Or so we thoughta anyway

When I checked the dates it seemed we should have applied last Friday (26th November) at the latest - oops! i.e. 30 days before we asked the last time and not 30 days before the date on the temporary certificate.

Thankfully the ever helpful CIA come to our rescue and ring the Regione. Yes, there's no problem and no inspection to take place as I passed the farming exam. Why didn't I tell them before as I could have had the permanent certificate straight off? At this point I could think of many responses but all of them in best Anglo Saxon! I thanked him instead and sent him the various bits of paper he asked for and now we await our proper certificate. We always get there in the end in Italy but sometimes the road can be very, very winding with many blind bends.

What it does mean is the renovations of our house will now start in the New Year - hoorah! It's taken a lot longer to get off the ground than we expected and our funds are somewhat depleted (that's what happens when your money sits in the bank - it evaporates) but we're very excited after 5 years of renting in Liguria to be finally looking at living in our own house. Paul and I have been married 8 years and we've never lived in our own house. Ruby has never had her own bedroom (she currently sleeps in the corridor). Let's hope for a cold, sunny winter. No flies and plenty of chance of getting on with the renovations!