Sunday, 21 April 2013

Geometras and plans

Well, last week we finally got to sit down with our geometra to discuss our planning permission. I feel I can finally call him 'our' geometra as we have agreed a price and have now engaged him to do the work.

It seems the mayor is very happy to have us invest in the area as he (quite rightly) says that an agriturismo will bring business to the businesses in the whole village and not just ours. That is a refreshing attitude we have not encountered in our other business ventures in Italy. So long as we keep the properties restored in a traditional manner (i.e. no glass cubes and stainless steel) then he is happy and will fight our case on any planning committees. That is great news for us and will make life a lot easier.

The new planning process for opening an agriturismo means that instead of submitting our renovation permission applications one building at a time, we have to do one great big request. This has a knock on effect. It means Mauro the geometra has to survey every terrace, every building and show every tree on the plans. That's a BIG job! It also means if the planners object to anything, the whole project is held up while we resolve it.
On the whole though, its good news.


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