Saturday, 23 March 2013

Getting here - 2011 & 2012


Deciding to buy it was the easy bit. We just had to sell our house in Le Marche and even if we couldn't, we could finance the purchase via a mortgage or so we thought. Well, that proved to be not so easy in a worldwide recession and there followed a very stressful 18 months of trying to raise the funds. I blame pregnancy hormones giving me false hope - not sure what Paul's excuse was! So we set off begging, borowing and scraping money together. Our house still hadn't sold. In the meantime there were three funerals in what was a pretty small family anyway. It rather felt like things were never going to get better.  

Eventually with much blood sweat and tears we managed to do it. We had agreed a long completion but no-one, least of all us, had expected it to be quite as long as it was. That meant we had taken 28 months from first viewing to finally buying the place. I asked my estate agent friend if it was a record. She admitted to only knowing of one that had taken longer. Without her perseverance and dilligent attention to detail we would never have got there at all. Without the help of family and friends we would have lost our deposit which would have been everything Paul had ever worked for so pretty devastating. We are blessed to have such good friends and family. 

We only finally signed the deed on 23rd May 2012 - not even a year ago. Not before two of the ten owners had sadly died (one in Spain to complicate matters further) and we had to wait for the legal inheritance to go through. Don't they say nothing worth having is ever easy?

We moved to Bordighera in April 2012, still with our house in Le Marche on the market, to a rented flat at the beach. That was a great big sigh of relief from us both. We finally felt like we were moving on. OK we hadn't sold the house so money was very tight and we couldn't actually do much on the farm without the money from the house but we were here at last.

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